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 Puriflow Filters provide a range of very high quality systems for commercial premises including restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and banqueting sectors, offices, factories, schools, gyms, dentists surgeries etc. We also have a full range of replacement filters, membranes etc as well as connectors & accessories. If we don't have what you are looking for we can normally get it for you a good prices.

Osmio HT+ Dental & Lab Direct Flow commercial Reverse Osmosis System                                       Everpure Claris Calcium treatment units


Our  range of high quality systems include:

Commercial Reverse Osmosis - High capacity units ideal for businesses where top level water quality is a requirement including hotels, guest houses etc. Also special systems designed for clinics & laboratories which meet HTM requirements.

Calcium Treatment Units - which ensure Coffee Machines, Dishwashers and Washing Machines are free from lime scale which damages expensive equipment. Highly cost effective with low running costs. Available for a wide range of flow rates

Scale Treatment Systems - for Steam Ovens, Boilers and General Internal Plumbing which crystallise lime scale so it cannot stick to internal systems. Very cost effective & easy to maintain.

Water Coolers - to dispense ambient, chilled, hot and sparkling water for Offices, GPs, Dentists, Hospitals, Gyms, Clinics  and so on. Floor standing & countertop models

Drinking Water Fountains - for Gyms, Schools, Reception areas, Factories and so on.

High Capacity Water Bottlers - for Restaurants, Bars and Catering/Banqueting Businesses to make their own quality bottled water.