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Under Counter -Inline

Under Counter -Inline

Under Counter Water Filters


A range of quality under counter water filters , utilising ceramic/carbon filters.

Our quality under counter water filters use a range of effective & reliable filtration methods & media. Ceramic filters, often in combination with KDF and/or carbon filtration media in the form of carbon block and/or GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)  have been providing reliably safe drinking water for very many years and are one of the main filter types employed in under sink water purification, the other being reverse osmosis.

These filters are able to remove bacteria, protozoa, and microbial cysts and in conjunction with a high-performance activated carbon core either incorporated in the ceramic filter cartridge or in configuration with a seperate cartridge also reduce organic & metallic contaminants. The active carbon effeciently absorbs compounds such as chlorine, VOCs etc. The highly advanced patented 'Active Ceramics' cartridge (also available in three of our whole house filters), will remove a vast array of chemical agents including fluoride and has a three year life span before replacement.

Ceramic water filters (CWF) may be treated with silver in a form that will not leach away. The silver acts to kill or incapacitate bacteria and prevent the growth of mold and algae in the body of the filter which ican be particularly important where the filter is not used for periods


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