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Fluoride Filters

Fluoride Filters

Fluoride Water Filters

A section listing all of our filters which will reduce fluoride in your water. Theses include reverse osmosis, portable, undercounter drinking water filters and whole house systems, both domestic and commercial applications. 

There are no filters made which are guaranteed to remove 100% of fluoride from the water. Most fluoride water filters will however achieve a reduction of between 93% and 97% , with those offered here performing at the upper end of this range. This figure can be maintained by strict adherance to timely filter changes.

Before choosing a filter on the basis of its fluoride removal abilities it would be well to check that you live in an area which has a fluoridated supply, not everywhere is. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere free from fluoride you can then afford give more attention to the other properties of the filters in making your choice

The addition of fluoride to the water remains a highly controversial practice, both ethically and scientifically. Whilst there are studies which do indeed demonstrate benefits to teeth there are equally those which show no improvement in dental health or detrimental effects and additionally, serious implications for the health of the body; notable amongst which is an increase in osteosarcoma in young boys. 

Many dentists and other 'health care professionals' will repeat the party line that fluoride is beneficial. Whatever the facts surrounding sodium fluoride, few of these advocates of mass medication are aware of the fact that it is not sodium fluoride which is added to water, but hexafluorosilicic acid, a highly corrosive by product of the phosphate industry, which is classed as a neurotoxin and falls between lead & arsenic in toxicity.

For further reading on the origins & health implications of water fluoridation please see our blog articles.

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EASY-FIT Fluoride Reduction Filter System

  EASY-FIT Fluoride Reduction Filter System There is an increasing awareness of the d..

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