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Osmio Zero Installation Countertop Reverse Osmosis System


Osmio Zero Installation Counter Top, Portable Reverse Osmosis System (Black or White)

Buy an Osmio Zero Installation Countertop RO System and

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(These are in addition to those already supplied with the unit. Offer ends 30th November 2019) 

Osmio Zero Countertop RO system

There is nothing else even close to this highly innovative countertop water filter on the market. Its simplicity of operation, the purity of the water produced and the convenience of being able to use this anywhere that there is a plug makes this system unparalleled for counter top use.

The uniquely portable Zero Installation Counter Top RO filter removes the cost and hassle of installation and can be used anywhere there's a electrical socket.

It's simple to fill up with water, you just take out the tank, fill it up and pop it back in. The unit is completely stand alone with no connection to the drain needed.


  •  Simply plug and play! No need for any plumbing! So easy!

  •  Produces water thousands of times more pure than traditional gravity filters or jug filters

  •  Replaces your kettle by also producing ambient, warm, hot or boiling filtered water at your fingertips!

  •  Filters cold water and has a boiler for instant boiling water

  •  Very compact and can be put anywhere

  • 1 year warranty


The Zero Installation Counter Top, Portable Reverse Osmosis System

makes the perfect choice for anyone who wants the convenience of a top of range home reverse osmosis system with no installation needed and also for single people, students or small families, people who regularly travel and who are currently renting their property and cannot have a undercounter water filter system installed.

The unit is incredibly easy to use and assemble. Simply take it out the box, plug it in and fill the supply pitcher. Place it back into system and turn the dial to adjust the desired temperature and press to dispense and stop, that's it! Within minutes you will have reverse osmosis quality water, ambient, warm, hot or boiling at your fingertips!

Osmio zero installation counter top reverse somosis water filter

Water Temperatures

The system can provide the following water:

Normal temperature water (approx. 25 ° C), ideal for direct drinking
Warm water (40 ° C - 50 ° C) ideal for baby food
Hot water (80 ° C - 88 ° C) ideal for coffee
Nearly boiling water (90 ° C - 98 ° C) ideal for tea


Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis Filter


Warranty, Usage, Maintenance & Filter Changes

We offer a 1 year warranty. If you have a hardness level over 250 Calcium Carbonate then you may need to change the carbon block and membrane more frequently than every 6 months. The unit is designed to shut off if there is blockage in the membrane or prefilters. As the system recirculates the rejected water from the membrane, the TDS level continually rises of the water entering the membrane filter. Therefore, for those with water of higher TDS, more frequent carbon block and membrane changes are likely. It is recommended to have at least a spare carbon filter and membrane on hand with the unit at all times. 

The first thing to note is that the system is amazingly easy to use and maintain and  Osmio have put a great deal of investment into development resulting in an excellent product.

The system is designed with ease and practicality in mind. The unit has a very simple user interface. Water comes with the turn of a dial and there is no complicated user manual needed. The system is fully portable and just needs to be plugged into a power supply. It does not need to be installed into household plumbing. Any water source gives you easy access to fresh and healthy RO pure water at any time. 


Filter Changes

Changing the filters is really quick and easy. They come off and go back on with a simple twist function.

The colour coded LED instantly shows when the filtration has completed. The intelligent, automatic, power-saving motor design, gives instant supply of filtered water, and automatically shuts off when filtration is complete.

An ideal investment for small households! There is just the need to plug it into a normal power supply. Only a power connection via a simple plug socket - done!
The system has an automatic shutdown mode, after 1h the device switches off automatically, so you save power!

Recommended filter change period is every 6 months, maybe a little more or less depending on useage and water hardness. Replacement filter pack available here.


Filter Stages

1 - Quick-Change Sediment Filter 5μm: removes coarse particles, e.g. Sand, rust, chlorine, lime
2 - Quick-Change activated carbon filter: removes chlorine and organic impurities
3 - Quick-Change Membrane 50GPD: removes all pollutants and flavours to almost 100%
4 - Quick-Change Insertion Filters: Hygiene After-filter antibacterial: removes 99% of the bacteria and viruses and improves the taste.


Osmio Zero-Installtion in the Kitchen


Zero Installation System Features

Designed with usability, longevity, high quality and efficiency in mind, the ZIP portable reverse osmosis system is laden with amazing features. The system is made from environmentally friendly, green, recyclable materials, such as ABS, and PP, which ensure suitability for recycling and reduction of use of Earth's resources. The stylish European design of ZIP is compatible with the elegant and modern design of European and American style kitchens and homes. Practical internal design separates water and electrical components to extend product life and ensure user’s safety.

The Osmio Zero-IP-II Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - simply unmatched.

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Model Osmio Zero Installation Portable Reverse Osmosis System (white)
Brand Osmio
Filter Parameter No
In Depth Specifications:

Weight & Dimensions: 

Height: 38 cm
Width: 18 cm
Depth: 35 cm
7kg weight


Up to 190 liters daily (at 20 ° C water temperature)
Capacity Water tank capacity: 3.5 liters to fill
Capacity Osmosis water tank: 1.5 liters
Hot water capacity: 30 l / h (≥ 90 ℃)


Power connection required: DC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Rating: 2200W - 2600W
Nominal heating power 2180W - 2580W
The osmosis system consumes in standby only under 0.5 watts thanks to the ERP2 power supply
With booster pump DC 24V and water pump
Including flush valve
Integrated automatic shut-off: As soon as the storage tank is filled, the water production stops.

Filter changes:

Filter changes recommended by the manufacturer: every 6 months
Quick-Change filter: filter changes are extream easy!

Osmio Zero Installation Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

The Osmio Zero IP-II Portable No Installation Reverse Osmosis System is the world's first revolutionary, installation-free, near zero waste-water, household Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier which also serves to provide ambient, warm, hot and boiling water at your fingertips with great ease of use and maintenance. 
This compact  highly effective RO system system removes chlorine, limescale, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, and other chemicals, including even radioactive materials.

The ZIP purifier requires no installation, and is environmentally friendly with minimum waste water and is so easy to maintain.

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