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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

If you are looking for a home filter system that will give you the purest, safest drinking water time after time reliably and without hassle, then our Reverse Osmosis systems are for you, not only will they bring you the convenience of filtered water straight from your tap, but they will pay for the investment many times over when compared to buying bottled water.... 

The Reverse Osmosis water filter systems presented here are quality products from industry leaders which have been specially selected to encompass the widest range of options both in terms of functionality & price. Our RO filters which include both traditional systems with tank storage and direct flow tankless systems will create ultra pure water and also provide water which is alkaline and antioxidant representing the top end of water filtration methods. .

We have reverse osmosis water filter systems to suit everyone, from simple but effective entry level models such as the high quality Osmio Black Line series through to the highly sophisticated direct flow BMB NOVA Pro at £899.

All our models will remove a vast range of contaminants, including fluoride & chlorine and many of them have additional alkalising and detoxing filters.

Our RO filter systems include both non-pumped for normal water pressure situations and pumped systems where the incoming pressure is low or unreliable. All can be used via the filter tap supplied or many people take the opportunity to install a Tri flow three way tap

For a more in depth explanation of reverse osmosis water filtration and some considerations when choosing your new system please click here.

We carry a full range of branded replacement filters.

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