Whole House Water Filters | Whole House Water Purification

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Whole House Filters

Whole House Filters


Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the water coming from your tap or shower anywhere in your home is safe &  pure enough to drink.

Our whole house mains water filters start from as little as £86 for the Ecopure Sediment Filter up to the highly sophisticated Osmio Pro-111-XL Ultimate at £795.

Before buying a Whole House System, you will first need to consider the following:

1/ What do you need the systen to remove from your water? For example it would not be necessary to purchase one that removed fluoride you are not in a fluoridated area. Are high sediment levels a problem?

 2/ Where it is going to be situated and what size system will fit? Usually Whole House Systems are installed where the rising main comes into your property, so that all the water can go through the system before the pipes divert around your home.

 3/ What size system is suitable for the size of your household? For help with calculating flow rate see here

If you require help withany of these considerations please contact us

We strongly recommend that all whole house filter systems are installed with a bypass isolating arrangement for easy maintainence and change of filters.



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